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Hey! Hey! Campers!!! Yogi Bear has really missed all of his g-r-e-a-t glamping friends after this long, c-o-l-d winter and he wants to J-A-Z-Z up the very first weekend of the summer with the most eye-popping, strangest and wack-iest entertaining activities where anything out of the normal could happen!! Watch out!! It's Wacky Hat and Hair Weekend so create the funkiest and weirdest hats and hairdos and be sure to wear them on the "Anything Goes Hayride" where it's mandatory to have your head decorated to hop aboard! So be creative!!! The more hilarious the better (no plain baseball hats allowed). Next, we're headed over to the "Anything Goes Clothes Fashion Show" where participants can don a garbage bag, lamp shade, cardboard box or whatever wild things you can come up with as long as it accessorizes your clothes! Should be hilarious! On your mark....get set....EAT! ....How well do you like pickles? Don't Dilly-Dally and be ready to pucker up for the Prickly Pickle Eating Contest and If you can handle that we d-a-r-e you to enter Surprise Sandwich Eating Contest. What's in Y-O-U-R sandwich? And be sure to make your way to the Bag of Goodies Bingo where admission can be a chocolate bar, chips or pop!! Yummy!!! Yogi Bear's best-est glamping friends, Cindy Bear and Boo Boo will be stopping by to visit this weekend and to celebrate we’re offering campsites 50% off Saturday night. (Must book both Fri. and Sat. night, no other discounts apply). So get out of your comfort zone and make your way to Jellystone Park this weekend where you can expect the strange and wacky unexpected!!! 


Ooh! La-La-Green!!! Yogi Bear is inviting campers of all ages to Jellystone Park this weekend for a cele-BEAR-ation honouring all things "green" that have impacted us greatly over the years. So break out the G~R~E~E~N and let the shenanigans begin!!!! For starters lets honor the most famous of all frogs who is always lamenting "it's not easy bein' green" at a friendly game of Amphibious Jump Frog and afterwards hop on over to the Emerald Isle for some Celtic music and a Shamrock Scramble. The Luck-O' the Irish Hayride calls for a green-wearing good time so be sure some part of your attire is that special c-o-l-o-r to fend off the prowling leprechauns who are on the loose lurking in the shadows waiting to p-i-n-c-h some poor unsuspecting soul! OoouCH!! Don't be an agitated ogre and work yourself into a green tizzy during Fairy Tale Swamp Bingo cause you could find yourself falling in LOVE with another ogre!! If your passion is garbage then don't be a grouch while searching for useless items at the Garbage Can Scavenger Hunt! ....sure to be a “sweet smelly” experience ~~ Ha! Ha! And, of course, we can't forget Yogi Bear’s famous iconic g-r-e-e-n Tie. There will be a special surprise for anyone brave enough to wear a look-a-like "GREEN" tie at check in time. Yogi Bear is sure to charm you with his blarney, plus Boo Boo and Cindy Bear will be visiting us this weekend, so pack your “loudest” green outfits and do the turtle crawl to Jellystone Park this weekend for a shindig honouring all things GREEN. 


Attention all you Racing Fans!! ...Check your tire pressure, rev up your engines and fasten your seat belts for the speediest weekend of the summer at Jellystone Park Speedway where some high speed races will leave you breathless! To honor all types of racing don't miss out on the first race of the day where we're goin' throttle down to neutral with unlimited horsepower for the Wild Bouncy Horse Derby and then slowly gear up for some souped up Roller Racing Relays. Next, start your engines and follow the Sprint Car over to the Tornado Kart 250 Race Track where you could find yourself in the cockpit watching the black and white checkered flag waving you into the victory circle!!! How sweet it that? Racing TOO fast you say? Is your chassis in need of a serious cool down? Then the Jellystone Park 500 Carwash is the race of choice! As you're gearing down for the watery white-capped hairpin turns beware that you don't over-rotate and spin out of control! Buckle up and lower your goggles for a Spectacular "Live Drive" Surprise with some "exciting and wild" competitive racing at our NEW attraction this summer! Are you a race car driver at heart? Satisfy your need for speed at the Jellystone Park Race Track where you can bring along your very own mini race car to race on our sleek track! Please don't find yourself sleeping at the wheel and forget to reserve for this Fast and Furious Racing weekend. Campers....S-T-A-R-T your engines and "Let the Races Begin!! It’s FATHER’S DAY weekend TOO and what better way to celebrate all Dad’s than to treat them to our famous Pancake and Sausage Breakfast ($) Sunday Morning plus Cindy Bear and Boo Boo are visiting us this fast paced weekend!! 


Hey, Hey! Jellystone Park Campers, School is OUT and we are going to celebrate!!! Are Y-O-U tired with your same old boring look and in the need of a miraculous transformation AND are you the type that is always the first in line to rise up for a great challenge? If so, Yogi Bear and the "Extreme Ranger Brigade" dare you to join them for a weekend full of Jellystone Park Style extreme challenges and makeovers planned especially for you! For starters, nominate in writing (75 words or less) a family member or someone special that deserves an Extreme Makeover of a lifetime starting from their head all the way down to their tippy toes! And how about your home away from home? Let your imagination run wild at the Extreme Dwelling Makeover where you could possibly WIN a Prize by turning your campsite or cabin into something unique like a candy bar, castle, or even a bear’s den! Holy Moly!!!! Talk about Extreme!!!! Be sure to check out the Extreme Boo Boo Bubble Machine!!! Grab your colored pencils and markers for the Extreme Coloring Contest. Warning: Entering this contest may cause intense happiness so color at your own risk. Moisten your lips for the Extreme Saltine Challenge and put your taste buds to the test for an extreme Tin Can FOOD Challenge! Watch for the extreme surprise...will it be Yucky, ugh!!! Or will it be Yummy-licious? It will be makeover mayhem searching for that new look for the Jellystone Park Transformation Fashion Show so if you're up for the challenge plan to reserve now for this e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y entertaining once-in-a-lifetime weekend! Plus, Cindy Bear and Boo Boo are visiting us this fun filled extreme weekend!! 


Calling a-l-l competitors!! Yogi Bear and the Rangers are super excited to be hosting the 2018 Wacky Laugh Out loud Olympics this weekend with an all-out party that may go down in Olympic history!!! Opening ceremonies will be commencing Friday with the official WET Torch Relay where YOU could find yourself being the lucky camper to light the Jellystone Park Flame! Design and decorate your very own FLAG to represent your campsite and.... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!! Yogi Bear has some unique and challenging games so for starters, make sure to bring along your favorite critter for participating in the Stuffed Animal Sled Pile Race. Score big with skill and silliness at the Synchronized Snack Toss where categories consist of best routine, wildest updo and uniqueness. GO FOR THE GOLD and test your stamina at the Olympic Rings Challenge and afterwards celebrate and s-w-e-e-t-e-n your world record accomplishment with some Body Building B-I-N-G-O. On your mark, get set, GO!!!! The Family Pentathlon Spectacular Showdown is not a spectator sport so get ready for some Yogi-Style Noodle Throwing, Noodle ring toss and the Wacky and Weird Obstacle Coarse just to name a few that will bring out the w-i-l-d-e-s-t competitor in YOU! Victory is sooooo SWEET so make sure you are on the podium for the medal presentation. Reserve your spot early at Yogi Bear's Olympic Village and start training now for a gold medal performance that could land YOU on the top step of the podium with a shiny medal!!! This is a holiday weekend and a 3 night reservation is required for both cabins and campsites. 


Attention!!! Who L-O-V-E-S Candy??? Gumdrops! Lollipops and candy galore! Has Jellystone Park got a s-w-e-e-t celebration in store! Yogi Bear is one K-o-o-l Kat and he's guaranteed that this weekend will be candy-land central filled with lots of tutti-frutti, candy coated activities that will make you pucker up for s-m-o-r-e! Don't s-n-i-c-k-e-r! When it comes to crunch time Yogi Bear wants you on his side with some super S-u-c-k-e-r Power at the Smarty-Pants Suckin' Challenge. See if you can find a treasure at the end of the Colorful Candy Rainbow and be sure to bring along your sweet little friends to create your very own Edible Candy Necklace and Marshmallow POPS. Mounds of goofiness will abound in search of tasty treats hurling the Humungous Candy Ball through the air and to put the icing on the cake we're having a Surprise Birthday Party for Yogi Bear with a yumm-y-licious Cake and Candy Ice Cream Social with lots of sprinkles, gumdrops, candies and toppings to decorate your mouthwatering masterpiece. Head on over to the mysterious dark chocolate swamp to see if you can s-k-o-r-e BIG for the sweetest treat of the weekend at Double Candy Bar-licious Trivia Bingo where pay day could give you a sugar rush like no other! You better not have a bellyache or a toothache yet!!!... and for heaven sakes don't get confused and fall to pieces trying to decide if you should go RIGHT, L-e-f-t OR…. EAT MORE Candy. Reserve now to avoid making a “whopper” of a mistake by missing the most candy-licious celebration of the summer or YOU could find yourself with a terrible sour taste in your mouth! The famous Ranger Smith will be making his annual inspection this weekend and will be trying to keep Yogi in line!! Keep you candy close as he is known to have a sweet tooth!!


Leave the constant buzzzz of the city behind and prepare yourself for a quiet, relaxing environment with some wild n' crazy animal antics starting with a BEAR-hug from our most aww-dorable resident, YOGI BEAR!!! Check out the Fuzzy-Wuzzy Caterpillar races and watch for little creatures scurrying about on their way to Yogi Bear's Animal-cizing Yoga. It's a purrr-fect time to paw-ty your tail off at the Critter Look-a-Like Contest so get creative with your makeup bag, furry ears and fluffy tails and come dressed as something you’re not where you can show off your soft cuddly animal side or possibly your WILD ferocious side!! Whooo goes there?? Is it a cat, chicken, bear or possibly a lion or elephant? Practice and purrr-fect your wild animal gibberish and enter the Critter Calling Contest where you could WIN a prize for mimicking the most interesting and strangest animal sounds this side of the Jellystone Park Mountains. Woof! Woof! Are Y-O-U afraid to eat dog food? Hopefully you'll be barking up the right the right time....for a chance to gobble down some delicious morsels at the Pampered Pooch Dog Food Eating Challenge! Yummy!!!! Slither like a snake or waddle like a duck over to the Animal Charades and paws-itivily make sure you set your traps to Catch the Pesky Mouse! Mee-yow!!! For all you tail-wagging, wet nosed pooches, you'll be in dog treat heaven if you can convince your master to stop into the Ranger Station and make a lucky guess for a chance to WIN dog treats galore!! So, be sure to parrr-tay on the wild side and swing on over and monkey around with us this weekend where you can get in touch with the great outdoors.



Are Y-O-U in need of a serious COOL-d-o-w-n? If your answer is YES then get ready for WET!....Get ready for WILD!...and prepare to take the plunge in the summer sun for an incredibly SOAK-filled experience at Jellystone Park this weekend for Yogi Bear's annual Wet N Wild Water Showdown. There will be lots of splish splash'n silly soaker games perfect for cooling off on a sizzling ~ HOT~ summer day such as Beach Ball Blaster, Flipper Fill Up and Water Break to name a few. Are y-o-u brave enough to enter creature infested waters? Hope you don't develop s-h-a-r-k-phobia and lose your c~o~o~l at Shark to Shore Relay. Hop aboard the Wet Waterlogged Express where Ranger Peter invites all you courageous water maniacs "young and old" to enter the fierce battle on the front lines for some fun-filled action. Arm your double barrel super soakers, water buckets and soaker powered squirt guns for a memorable Mega Water Wars Maneuvers around the park where you'll be sure to get s-o-a-k-e-d while at the same time waterlogging your enemies!!! Yogi Bear guarantees that you will be soaked from the top of your head all the way down to your tippy toes so pack your water weapon of choice, your swim suits and towels and be sure to join Jellystone Park for plenty of wonderfully wet summertime fun! 


Yogi Bear's made his list and he's checking it twice in preparation for a TREE-mendously twinklin’ tinsel Christmas celebration for all the G-O-O-D little boys and girls s-l-i-d-i-n-g on in to visit Jellystone Park this festive holiday weekend! Bundle up for the chilly winter air and join the jolliest bunch of elves this side of the North Pole nuthouse to create magical and festive trinkets for a Humungous Christmas Tree Creation! Incoming!!!! Don't be caught day dreamin' yummy visions of sugar plums or you could catch a snowball upside the head at the Snowy Snowman Slam! It'll be all fun and games dressing Santa In Style for the Holly Jolly Christmas Party Saturday afternoon where he will be passing out a special treat ($) to all the “sweet” children attending and be sure to bring along your tinsel trimmed stockings to the Jingle, Jangle Christmas B-i-n-go Bonanza where you could be lucky enough to stuff those stockings full of some holiday c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e cheer!!! Come "light up the night" with some shimmer and sparkle so "merry and bright" for the ever popular Site Decorating Contest (6 categories of judging) where you may WIN FREE CAMPING (W/E site). Do you have an angelic voice? Or perhaps you sound like a howling dog? It doesn't matter! Take the spotlight and belt out your favorite Christmas song lyrics at the Yuletide Karaoke Carol Sing Contest and later on spread some heartwarming Christmas cheer serenading the campers with quintessential Christmas Carols at the Community Fire Pit. Christmas is the time for mistletoe smooches and devouring Santa's cookies and milk so giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up let's g-o-o-o to Jellystone Park this weekend for some fun in the snow!!!! 


HURRY! HURRY! Come one....come all! Ladies and gentlemen, campers of A-L-L ages.......Yogi Bear has y-o-u-r VIP ticket ready for a front row seat and he doesn't want you to miss out on one minute of the spectacular Carnival games and c-r-a-z-y activities he has planned for YOU. Hop on the carousel of fun at the Jellystone Park Big Top where Yogi Bear and the Rangers have dedicated this weekend to raising money for the IWK Children’s Hospital to help kids when they are sick. Break open your piggy banks and try your luck at setting some mouse traps for that pesky Menacing Mouse Mania and WIN a prize when you hop on the roller coaster-ride of amusing games such as Ping Pong Toss, Balloon Darts, Bottle-Neck Pins and Fish Pong! It's C-o-t-t-o-n-C-a-n-d-y and POP-corn central, melt-in-your mouth must-have treats for any carnival event and if you're lucky enough to find your way out of the house of mirrors in time, juggle on over for a silly game of Carnival Clown Bingo Bonanza! Imagine you're a butterfly or a cat!!! Or maybe happy clown? Let your imagination run wild with a visit to the Face Painting Booth and be sure to take in the Mystical Magical Side Show and see an amazing performance where YOU could possibly see someone disappear right before your eyes!! Could it be you? Life is a circus so blend in with your very own colorful Tye Dye Carnival T-shirt and after the Whipped Dessert Challenge you may get a chance to rinse your face off at the Ranger Super Wet Dunker Auction!! Don't be caught clowning around and forget to RSVP Ringmaster Yogi Bear with your plans to attend where you could find yourself smack dab at center ring for the main event of the year!!! This is a holiday weekend and a 3 night reservation is required for both cabins and campsites. 



Something's b-r-e-w-ing and it'll be g-h-o-u-l-ishly fun!.....a wicked good time for everyone! So put on a costume and fly on in 'cause Yogi Bear is so excited for the fun to begin!!! No Coffin breaks allowed or you'll miss out on the spooky spectacles and freakishly fun games and activities like Create a Monster, Ghost Lollipop, and Pumpkin Stomp. Venture into your eerie, dark basement lairs and float above those sticky-icky spider webs in search of your dusty and gruesome decorations to s-p-o-o-k-ify your cabin, RV or tent site for the ever popular Halloween Site Decorating Contest for a chance to WIN one free night camping. (W/E site). Calling all Candy Collectors!!! No Vampires allowed just mini mortals with their creepiest, spookiest costumes are welcome to prowl the park for BOO-tylicious treats (so Mummies, please be sure to bring some tasty treats for approx. 200 ghoulish campers) and don't miss out on the Oogie-Boogie Hocus Pocus Happenins' at the Annual Boo Boo Boogey Man Ball costume party (special prizes for all costumed participants). Are you up for a thriller? If so then Yogi Bear dares you to enter through the gates of the Haunted Graveyard and go past the ghosts to the demon's lair. Hold on! Hold on with all your might, do all that you can to survive this night! Join us in fun but always beware - that terror and fright will also be there!!!! Create your very own Halloween Colortime Creation ($) and'll be a great weekend for a goblin get-together so don't miss out on this s-p-o-o-k-y spectacular Halloween favourite. Cindy Bear will be visiting us this weekend so come celebrate this spook-tacular weekend as it will be a happenin’ place!!


"Paging all witches, monsters and ghosts.....Jellystone Park and Yogi Bear will be your host for the second w-i-c-k-edly fun weekend for everyone!!! No Coffin breaks allowed or you'll miss out on the spooky spectacles and freakishly fun games and activities such as Ghost Rockets and Spooky Spiders. Venture into your eerie, dark basement lairs and float above those sticky- icky spider webs in search of your dusty and gruesome decorations to s-p-o-o-k-ify your cabin, RV or tent site for the ever popular Halloween Site Decorating Contest for a chance to WIN one free night camping. (W/E site). Calling all Candy Collectors!!! No Vampires allowed just mini mortals with their creepiest, spookiest costumes are welcome to prowl the park for BOOtylicious treats (so Mummies, please be sure to bring some tasty treats for approx. 200 ghoulish campers) and don't miss out on the rockin' good time where we'll be diggin' the sounds at the Oogie-Boogie Hocus Pocus Happenins' at the Annual Boo Boo Boogey Man Ball costume party (special prizes for all costumed participants). Was that a witch whizzing through the air, a ghost peeking around a twisted tree stump? Maybe a vampire chasing you through the tombstones!! Yogi dares Y-O-U to enter the Haunted Graveyard and beware!! Have lots of fun but remember.... that terror and fright will also be there!!! It'll be another great weekend for a goblin get-together so don't miss out on another s-p-o-o-k-y spectacular Halloween favourite. Cindy Bear will be visiting us this weekend so come celebrate this spook-tacular weekend as it will be a happenin’ place!! 


Families are like fudge, mostly s~w~e~e~t but with a few nuts!!!! Ha! Ha! So s-h-a-k-e your family tree, design your family "Coat of Arms" banner and bring your clan to Jellystone Park this weekend for a friendly but competitive family get-together packed full of fun activities and a little “feudin’” and fun challenges that will create tons of laughter and memory making. Get your game groove on playing Chipmunk Cheeks 'cause there ain't nuttin' cuter than a chubby cheeked challenge! If you're really competitive and just don't like to lose a challenge then sharpen your brain for an intense game of Family Friendly Feud to see if you are the most brilliant member of your family! Go crazy and hog wild digging through your attics and tickle trucks for some interesting attire to dress up and compete in the Famous TV Families Competition and if you've really got what it takes to be a STAR... and you're not too scared to get in front of sure to enter the Jellystone Idol Family Karaoke Contest and Lip Sync Competition. Should be a HOOT!! Are you shaking in your boots yet? If not we've got some thrilling and chilling big time family-fun showdown competitions like Slide N' Toss, Knee Trembler and the Family Egg Smackdown. Ooei-gooey! As Yogi Bear always says..... the family that p-l-a-y-s together s-t-a-y-s together so reserve now for a big-time family fun weekend that will put YOUR family to the ultimate test! Boo Boo will be visiting us this special weekend as he is part of our Jellystone Park Family, plus be sure to enjoy our famous Pancake and Sausage Breakfast ($) Sunday Morning with your whole family!! 


Yogi Bear is setting the time machine for a blast-to-the past roller coaster ride through the decades for you to experience a glimpse of the fabulous-ity of music and arts starting with the sensational 60's to the present and Boo Boo will be helping Yogi keep the beat all weekend!! Grab your hippy beads and old forty-fives and twist and shout on over for a slippery-slimy game of Shaving Cream Twister and make sure you bring along your hair spray for some vintage whoop-t-do hair styles at the Gigantic Hairspray Challenge. Next we'll change the destination year to an era of dynamite bell bottom jeans and some boogie woogie flower power disco from the 70's where we're bringing back the Tye Dye Fashion with some groovy styles while enjoying an epic Jivin' Disco Dance Party hosted by a Live DJ. Do you want to be a rock star? .....well here we goooo again!!! Hop into the time machine and break out the 80's gear and dance shoes cause we're turning back the clock for an 80's celebration that's definitely gonna rock. Shake your booty at the Famous Rock Star Karaoke Look-a-Like Contest and show off your dancing abilities at the Jellystone Park Best Duo Dance Competition and listen all weekend long for Blast from the Past Tricky Tune Guessing Contest. Let's step ahead for the Dance-Pop trends and Hip Hop sounds from the 90's. So make sure you're "Takin Care of Business", reserve early and be sure to "hustle" on over to Jellystone Park for a chance to coast through the musical decades in our blast to the past time machine for a dazzling weekend of moovin' and groovin'. Thank you for camping at Jellystone Park this summer creating family memories together. We hope to see you again in 2019!! This is a holiday weekend and a 3 night reservation is required for both cabins and campsites.

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