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WOW!!! ..... 2021 is here and it's time to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!!!   Yogi Bear has been hibernating all winter long, dreaming with anticipation of the exciting new camping season to get started because Ranger Peter and Ranger Janet are celebrating their 40th Anniversary as Campground owners!!  Not only that, it's also the 25th Anniversary with our loveable, smarter than the average bear...YOGI BEAR!!!!  Let the celebrations B-E-G-I-N!!!!!!!  Yogi Bear's best-est friends, Cindy Bear and Boo Boo will also be stopping by to kick off the 2021 summer Anniversary celebrations and urge each family to bring along an item to place in the 40th Anniversary Campground Time Capsule which will be dug up at the end of the camping season in 2030.  Be the first to fill your card at 25th Anniversary Bingo, explore your inner artist and learn how to draw YOGI BEAR and see if you are smarter than the average bear at the Awesome Anniversary Trivia Event.  Do you know what year the Water Zone was built? .... or do you know when Rangers Peter and Janet developed  Boo Boo Land?  Create your very own tissue flowers and decorations for the Anniversary Wheel Parade around Jellystone Park and be sure to zoom in for that perfect snapshot at the Family Digital Anniversary Scavenger Hunt. Every year brings new memories and accomplishments and these milestone anniversaries are a great time to celebrate the things we love most about Jellystone Park.  The Waterslides and Water Zone will be OPEN Friday and Saturday AND because this is our is 40th Anniversary we invite campers to stay with us BOTH Friday and Saturday night and only pay $40 (W/E Campsite) for Saturday night this weekend!!! 

JUNE 11 - 13

Yogi Bear never met a candy-coated chocolate he didn't like so...... R-E-J-O-I-C-E!!!  chocolate candy l-o-v-e-r-s because YOUR s-w-e-e-t dreams are about to come true this weekend as we indulge in a smorgasbord of yummy-licious, lip-smackin' experiences that will make your mouth tingle with excitement!  Let the c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e fantasy begin!!!!  How many c-r-e-a-m-y, dreamy chocolate treats can you stack at the Ultimate Cookie Tower Challenge?   Oops!!~ If they fall over you may have to face your cookie fears head on!!!  A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands....so don't miss the chance to WIN BIG at the Decadent Double Candy Bar Bingo and after that a true chocolate expert will have a finger licking satisfying experience at the Intense Chocolatey Pieces Melt.  Mmm! Mmm! Good!!!  Practice up for some entertaining Candy Bar Trivia and check out the sweet happenings at the Chocolate Candy-Coated Bucket Roundup.  And be sure to treat yourself to some heavenly chocolate delights at the Scrumptious Chocolate Cake and delicious Ice Cream Social where there will be a wonderful assortment of candy toppings to make your mouth water with p-u-r-e JOY!  If you think you're SMART-ier than the average bear, check out the Candy Straw Suck-UP and let the artist within you create a magnificent Chocolate Work of Art that could turn out to be a valuable masterpiece. Even Cindy Bear and Boo Boo will be visiting because they have a bear-sized appetite for plenty of s-w-e-e-t chocolate.  Honestly? Who in their right mind doesn't like chocolate? If you L-O-V-E chocolate as much as these three bears book now and plan your sweet journey to Jellystone Park for s'more great memories.  The Waterslides and Water Zone will be OPEN Friday and Saturday this weekend!!Birthday Celebration


When it comes to numbers, we all know that Yogi Bear is definitely NUMBER ONE with our Park Rangers and Campers alike.  So, this weekend we are going to honour our #1 bear with a wide range of funtastic games and interactive activities exploring the WIDE world of Shapes, Sizes, Numbers and Time. 3-2-1...TAKE-OFF!!!!!  Eight seconds doesn't seem “VERY” long but the Boo Boo's Bull Riding challenge will seem like an eternity!!!  Can you stay on that BIG black bull OR will it knock Y-O-U on your noggin? Try not to find yourself behind the 8 ball as you tackle the Colossal Numbers Hunt Challenge and see if you're third time lucky by surviving the Ultimate Cindy Square Family Puzzle Challenge. Do you know what time it is Yogi Bear?  It's Clock Golf time!!  It's also time to race to the Jumbo Numbers Mix Up challenge where Three Strikes and You're OUT!  It'll be a double whammy at a wild game of Calendar Bingo and see how you measure up at the Beyond Measure Scavenger HuntDad's are also #1 this weekend and Yogi Bear is inviting them to enlist the w-h-o-l-e family in the Ultimate Family Race Scavenger Hunt where you will be competing in a series of CRAZY challenges around Jellystone Park for a chance to WIN the Ultimate PRIZE!!!  PLUS, don’t forget that Yogi’s best friends Cindy Bear and Boo Boo will be visiting us this weekend!!   It's TIME to SHAPE our Jellystone Park SIZE summer so don't delay... Dial that number pad Today at 1-888-222-YOGI where you can count on making a number of wonderful family memories this weekend. The Waterslides and Water Zone will be open full time beginning this weekend!!


Warning! Severe weather alert! Don't you just l-o-v-e the thrill of waking up to a white blanket of new snow covering the world outside and hearing the announcement... NO school, NO classes and NO work!!!  It's an unexpected treat so take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and slippery roads with some warm carefree camping days and family fun at Jellystone Park this weekend.  And best of all, Yogi Bear's best-est furry friends, Cindy Bear and Boo Boo will still be visiting and to celebrate Yogi Bear's has given EVERYONE permission to stay in your pajamas all weekend long and laze about (PJ's are encouraged for the sleigh ride).  Have you ever had a summertime Snow Ball Fight?  Let's be creative and build a Sensational Snow Fort together and ~ let the gigantic s-n-o-w-b-a-l-l fights begin!  Dig through your wintery trunk at home for a funky hat, scarf and buttons and "Oh what fun we'll have" at the Build a Snowman Competition (Don't forget the carrot nose!). Baby, it's cold out there so be sure to bundle up for a Slippery Sliding Party and BEWARE!! there's a lot of snow on the mountains SO watch out for the Water Wizard Snowball Avalanche!!!  Bring along some delicious icing for Christmas Frosting Creations and when you're done licking your fingers, chill out, and slide on over to Blizzard Bingo and the Ice Cube Melt ChallengeActually, the weather precipitation for Jellystone Park this weekend isn't chilly with a chance of snow and slippery roads, it's an invitation to relax, recharge and reconnect on a warm sunny weekend with family and friends, so don't delay.... RESERVE TODAY!


**SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND DEAL -Stay 4 nights for only $65/night + tax ($299 Total) **

YOGI BEAR is full of the old scratch, tingling with excitement and thrilled to celebrate another birthday!!  He's doubly excited because this loveable, smarter than the average bear is celebrating his 25th Anniversary living with us at Jellystone Park in Woodstock, NB and because campers L-O-V-E playing bingo he has planned the Biggest Bingo Blowout of the summer with lots of Bingo!  Chocolate Bar Bingo, 25th Anniversary Bingo, Birthday Bash Bingo and some you've never even heard tell of before.  So, hide your pic-a-nic baskets and let the PARRRRTY begin because
SURPRISE”, you're A-L-L invited!!   We're all getting another year older so gather up the entire family and snap a photo to remember at the Family Photo Shoot.  Don't just walk ...shake your booty to the 25th Anniversary Prize Walk where you could be crowned "Quarter of the Century Champion".  Make and decorate your own Cone-Shaped Birthday Party Hat and show off your masterpiece at the Scrumptious Ice Cream Social where we'll be lighting the Candles on the Humungous Birthday Cake to honor Yogi Bear who is another year o-l-d-e-r and another year w-i-s-e-r!!!  Whether you get a green, blue, red or yellow balloon, protect your air-filled friend at the Balloon Waddle Races and be sure not to miss out on the Birthday Balloon Scavenger Hunt.   Friends are b-e-a-r-y special at Jellystone Park and as Yogi says.... "Count your life in smiles, not tears.  Count your age by Friends....not years!"  Yogi is everyone's Friend and we are all excited that he has made his home at Jellystone Park in Woodstock, NB!!


Hey kiddos!!!  It's going' be a sweltering s-i-z-z-l-i-n-g summer weekend so get ready for the ultimate wet 'n wild super soaker mega challenges. Dominate by out-soaking and out-lasting your competitors at the water warfare field and be prepared to get v-e-r-y waterlogged playing Water Balloon Dodge Ball.  Take the bull by the horns propelling down the Jellystone Park Rapids at the Water Buffalo Shake 'N Splash Challenge. Can Y-O-U endure the icy c-o-l-d water at the Ice Cube Melt Relay??  The artillery at the Water Wizard Water Zone will be the battlegrounds for Operation: H-2-O where the unsuspecting B-R-A-V-E Rangers will be vulnerable targets ambushed and blasted by unrelenting campers with the BIGGEST, b-a-d-d-e-s-t super soakers on site.  Ready.... Aim.......FIRE!!!!  Will the campers R-A-I-N supreme???  Speaking of r-a-i-n....... How about some Power Puddle Jumping Adventures?   If you think you'll stay dry this weekend … THINK AGAIN!!!!!   There will be lots of splash-tastic fun with your water guns loaded, your water buckets filled and all kinds of water ammo ready for the Super Soaker Wet n' Wacky Wagon Washout.  What are you “wading” for?  Summer is too s-h-o-r-t and too H~O~T to miss out on even one tiny second of this C~O~O~L, wonderfully wet summertime fun.  Dive in and book today!!!


Yogi Bear is going to keep the beat alive all weekend long with a roller coaster ride through the sassy 60's, sensational 70's, crazy 80's and the nifty 90's so hang on to your bell bottoms for an exciting ride because there will be plenty of "good vibrations" in the air all weekend long.  We'll coast through each decade with your favorite dances and tunes and some far-out groovy styles of the 60's classic beehive, half-up bouffant and teased ponytails which YOU can show off at the Gigantic Vintage Hairspray Challenge.  Take it up a notch and throw in an array of neon colors for the Ultimate Rainbow 90's Hairdo.  Bring along a white article of clothing to create a unique 60's Tie Dye ($) Masterpiece and then we'll hustle into the 70's burning up the dance floor under the disco lights with a Funky Dance Party. Boogie with the Rangers for Cindy's morning Dance Jam where you will learn various types of dance moves and be sure to "twist and shout" at the mega Hula Hoop Competition.  Great Balls of fire!! There will be plenty of moovin' and groovin' at the funny    Best Impersonation Contest which is sure to be a hip-shaker if Y-O-U dare to dress up and lip sync as your favorite rock, pop or country star.  Are you an expert at blowing bubbles?  Don't let anyone burst your bubble as you start practicing N-O-W for the Ultimate Bubble Gum Blowing Challenge and relive the 60's and 70's hippy era as you create your very own unique and stylish Colorful Love Beads and Peace Signs. So "shake your booty" and make sure you "Take care of business" and reserve now for a "Bee Boppin" Rockin' good time!


Have you every navigated the wild rapids of the Jellystone Park pool riding an a-n-g-r-y bull?  OR, how many paper clips can you string in a row?  If you're up for plenty of c-r-a-z-y family fun then join Yogi Bear and the Rangers this weekend for a host of 60 second hilarious challenges. Let's break out the stopwatch and let the shenanigans begin!!!!   The Pesky Paper Clip Challenge will surely test your motor skills and we guarantee Take the Angry Bull by the Horns will throw you off balance before you can say...YOGI BEAR!!!!    How good are you at color matching?  Find out at the Color Category Countdown guaranteed to be a brain t-e-a-s-e-r and see if you reign champion while trying to Expose the Oddball CupProtect your ~ fragile~ thin-shelled egg at A-N-Y cost at the Egg-citing Egg Drop Challenge and be the champion Shake B-A-B-Y Shake Competition.  Duck n' dive, jump and slide!!!  See if you can navigate through plenty of gruelling obstacles at the Mega Obstacle Course where eating iggly, wiggly, live worms will look like a piece of cake compared to that course.  Have you ever experienced a mind-boggling game of Concentration Hopscotch!?  Yogi Bear and the Rangers will ensure that every second of this weekend will create lasting memories that your family will treasure forever, so don't delay........Take 60 seconds.... and BOOK today.



Ever wondered what it would be like to zap yourself back in time.... or possibly to the future?  Fasten your seatbelts for a wild journey because thanks to the magic of Yogi Bear's Spectacular Time Machine we're setting the clock and travelling to various points in time.  Imagine travelling back to prehistoric times where T-Rex Freeze Tag and searching for frozen eggs at the Dinosaur Ice Excavation will have you instantly walking with gigantic dinosaurs who ruled the land.  Travel to the sand dunes of Egypt and discover Sand Pyramids where we could unearth famous pharaoh's and kings in their Mummy Wraps.  Next prepare your Sword and Shield as we set the clock to stroll through the Medieval magical and enchanted woods at the Knights of the Round Table Jousting Competition.  Aarrrr Mateys!!  Travel back in time sailing the high seas and help Captain Yogi Bear find his Eye Patch.  All hands-on Deck!!!  Make sure you pack your sea trunks for a Mega Cannon Ball Fight because Captain Yogi Bear guarantees you'll be wetter than water.... if that's possible!!!!   The wild, wild west, is our next destination so don your cowboy hats and see if you are the successful buckaroo to Pin the Teeth on the Burro and watch out for those cold, slimy Rattlesnakes in the Cowboy BootsFor our last stop we'll set the clock to the year 2050.  Blastoff!!!!!  We'll board our spaceship for a trip to the moon in search of Radioactive Moon Rocks while carefully Dodging the Meteor Showers and maybe landing at the futuristic Jellystone Park for a game or two of Imaginary Travel Trivia Bingo.  We're all moving forward in time naturally and because TIME waits for no one...don't delay...... Book for Yogi Bear's Imaginary Time Travel Expedition today!   This is a holiday weekend and a 3 night reservation is required for both cabins and campsites.


Calling competitors of all ages!!!  Do you have a taste for the Olympic dream?  Yogi Bear and the Rangers are super excited to be hosting the 2021 Silly & Wacky Summer Olympics at Jellystone Park this weekend so be sure to join them for the opening ceremonies on Friday night with the pageantry of a Humungous Torch Light Parade to kick off these momentous events.  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!  Bring out the wildest competitor in you at the Ruff and Tuff Bull Riding Competition where 8 seconds is a long time when you're riding that f-i-e-s-t-y bull!  WE'RE OFF TO THE RACES so pick your favorite thoroughbred and give it a distinguished name for a neck and neck Hilarious Horse Racing Competition.  Get energized for an exciting showdown of some "FAN"-tastic games and events that's sure to test your stamina and possibly burn some serious calories such as the Discus Throw, Seed Spitting Competition, Golf Hockey and Olympic Ring Throwing.  Protect your torch at any cost because it's an absolute no-no to let the Olympic flame burn out during the Flickering Dinghy Competition.  Got the need for speed? Lace up your running shoes, don your water goggles and reach for the GOLD as you compete in the Boo Boo Biathlon and be sure to celebrate and s-w-e-e-t-e-n your accomplishments with some Olympic Trivia Bingo. The Jellystone Park Olympic Village is expecting your arrival so reserve your spot today and start training for your gold medal performance.


Have you ever heard your mum or dad say... STOP playing with your food and eat It!!!  Yogi Bear l-o-v-e-s food and believes that food and fun go together, especially when food games are the source of the fun, so we've planned plenty of eating games, food challenge games and fun food games for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e this weekend.  Let the FOOD challenges BEGIN!!!  Become an EGGS-pert as you create the most outrageous contraption for Operation Egg Drop and if you think you have the ability to consume outrageous foods then join us for the Creepy Cricket Consumption Challenge. YUK!!!   How about the disgusting Edible Sandwich Challenge? Bet you can't take more than O-N-E bite!!!  (each family is asked to bring 2 slices of fresh bread and one ingredient and the Rangers will be thrilled to do the rest)!  Yes, you have to eat all those fuzzy, wuzzy worms at the Family Whipped Squiggly Worm Challenge and if that doesn't mess up your hair then try massaging your face muscles for an intense FEED YOUR FACE competition which is sure to put you to the test.  Be the champion builder of the most humungous free standing Marshmallow Pasta Tower and let your sniffer be your guide at the Scrumptious Food Scavenger Hunt.  Burping is Yogi Food Festivaldisgusting unless you're a little bald b-a-b-y but at Jellystone Park this weekend campers will be applauding Y-O-U at the Whistling and Burping Challenge where you could go down in history for the best-est Belcher and Whistler.  We're celebrating food all weekend long with specials from Wizard's Canteen, a Scrumptious Ice Cream Social and our favorite Double Chocolate Bar Bingo.  So, if you are a foodaholic and you have an appetite for plenty of food challenges then indulge with us in our Fun-tastic Food Festival weekend.


The s-p-o-o-k-y day is drawing near, and you're invited to c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e here!  Games galore with tricks and treats, plus eyeballs and worms for ALL to eat!  Yogi Bear has a frightfully batty list of ghoulish games planned for all you little monsters this weekend starting with Pin the Bow Tie on Mr. Bones and the Witch's Black Cat Has Lost Her Tail.  If you have a squeamish stomach you may want to avoid the o-o-e-y g-o-o-e-y madness at the Pumpkin Patch Stomp where guts will be flying e-v-e-r-y-where and be sure to make a little magic creating some ghost garland decorations.  Conjure up a spell-binding costume and be sure to join the Rangers for the Chiller Night Crawl where you can show off your ghastly moves at the Annual Boo Boo Boogie Man Ball!!  BEWARE!!!  It's a ghostly affair....so attend if you dare!  Trick or Treating is a must so parents please be sure to bring some spooky-licious treats for approximately 200 little sweet-tooth devils who will haunting the campground in search of tasty morsels. An invitation to share your wicked ways and talents at the Haunted Halloween Charades awaits you and who knows.... Y-O-U could be crowned the bone-chilling champ!  Crank up your Halloween creativity and Out-BOO your neighbors with some spectacularly spooky decor this weekend at our Annual Fright-Site Contest (6 Jellystone Park Prizes) for a chance to WIN FREE CAMPING (w/e site).  So, plan to BEE here this weekend because if you make a BOO BOO and stay home you will miss out on a hilariously spooky adventure!


Witches, witches, skeletons and bats, scary ghosts and big black cats.  It's time to hide, it's time to fear, cause Halloween Eve is drawing near!!  Yogi Bear and the Rangers have another frightfully batty list of ghoulish games planned for all you little monsters this weekend.  Do you have an intense fear of itty, bitty spiders?  Well.... get over it!!!.... because the Rangers have a Spider Nest Roundup in store with Spooky Spider Challenges Galore!  Conjure up a spell-binding costume and be sure to join the Rangers for the Chiller Night Crawl where you can show off your ghastly moves at the Annual Boo Boo Boogie Man Ball!!  BEWARE!!!  It's a ghostly affair....so attend if you dare!  Calling all competitive campers!!!!  Tap into your spooky inside and bring along your spectacularly wicked decor for outside to boo-tifully decorate your lair for the ever-popular Operation Fright-Site Contest (6 Jellystone Prizes) for a chance to WIN FREE CAMPING (w/e site).  Trick or Treating is a must so parents please be sure to bring some spooky-licious treats for approximately 200 little sweet-tooth devils who will haunting the campground in search of tasty morsels. An invitation to share your wicked ways and talents at the Haunted Halloween Charades awaits you and who knows.... Y-O-U could be crowned the bone-chilling champ!  Whoo! Hoo!  Who let the owls OUT?  Find out while you Herd the Halloween Hover Owls and pick your theme for a fun festive competition at the Scarecrow Decorating Contest where you can showcase your creative side with a whimsical, frightening, silly or ridiculous entry.  Jump start your weekend by boo-king now because it's time to celebrate a Halloween Bash!


YEEHAW!!  Haul out the holly and deck them thar halls.... It's a frosty n' flannel Christmas Hoedown and Yogi Bear is inviting y'all to celebrate the holiday season in cozy style at Jellystone Park this weekend. You're in fer lots of belly bustin', funny festive activities so kick off yer shoes and stay for a spell.  Be careful not to freeze your b-u-n-s off at the North Pole Ice Melt or the Ice Spoons Challenge.   Saddle up your 4-legged critters for some competitive and W-I-L-D Reindeer Races and as we celebrate the season create your very own Christmas Natural Creation.  Wanted!!! Cowfolk and kin!!  Don ye now your p-l-a-i-d apparel, Santa Hats, straw hats and unique attire as you bumble on over to the Flannel and Frosty Country Christmas Hoe-down.  Santa will be checking his list......…TWICE....to see who b'leeves in the magic of Christmas the most so git yer "double wide" trailers or cabins decorated with reindeer tinsel and sparkling "deer in-the-head-lights Christmas decor for the ever- popular Frosty n' Flannel Site Decorating Contest (6 Jellystone Park Prizes) for a chance to WIN FREE CAMPING (w/e site). It's going be a c-o-l-d winter so don't be in too much of a hurry to shave off that facial hair!!  Whether you have a home grown or fake one, make sure to enter the Santa look-a-like Moustache and Beard Competition. There is s-n-o-w way you'll want to miss out on the most magical time of the year and Yogi Bear guarantees you'll be PLAID you came!!!  Jingle your way to the phone and Book NOW!  This is a holiday weekend and a 3 night reservation is required for both cabins and campsites.   Thank y’all fer another great campin’ season with Yogi Bear and the Rangers!  We love makin’ memories together and hope to see y’all next summer in 2022!

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