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Yogi Bear is EGG-tremely Egg-cited to emerge from hibernation after his l-o-n-g winter's nap and is looking forward to a relaxing slum"BEAR" pajama sleep over party with all his camping friends as well as some sp-EGG-tacular Easter celebrations on our opening weekend of 2019! Hippity! Hoppity! Let's celebrate!!! Show us your wildest ~bed-head~ after a good night's sleep and hop on over to Jellystone Park in your favorite, comfy-cozy PJ's along with your fluffy pillow and snuggly fleece blankets and prepare to be Egg-stra ~l-a-z-y~ all weekend long! Dress Egg-stra-ordinary for the Family Look-A-Like Pajama Contest and rise and shine you sleepy-heads for Basket Head Relay Races. Don't yolk around with the Easter Bunny and find yourself chasing Runaway EGGS and be sure to spring into action hollerin' BINGO playing Bunny Bingo Bonanza! Make sure your Lil' chickadees bring along their hunting skills because Yogi Bear loves an Egg-streme Slumber Party Scavenger Hunt. Stay on the sunny side up for some gigantic Jelly Bean Games and if you are an Easter EGG-spert, wipe the sandmans out of your eyes, and hop over to the Ranger Station to make an EGG-act GUESS at how many pieces of scrumptious candy are in the Candy Jar. Yogi will be egg-special-ly egg-cited to see his special friends, Cindy and Boo Boo and to have them help celebrate Our 38th anniversary opening weekend we are offering a Super Campsite Special. Book a campsite reservation for both Friday and Saturday and receive the Saturday night for only $38.00. Every bunny is dreamin' of a hot, sizzlin' summer so HOP TO IT and hatch your plans NOW to reserve a spot for this EGG-splosive first weekend of the summer! 


Hear ye! Hear ye! All knights, princesses and royal folk are hereby summoned, by order of King Yogi Bear, to Jellystone Park Castle this weekend for a stroll through the magical fields and enchanted woods for a Fairytale Kingdom Adventure full of wonder and surprise. Enter the castle courtyard for a tournament of medieval merriment such as Pass the Royal Parcel, Wicked Step Mother Freeze and Toss the Tiara. Have you ever puckered up wearing some pretty bright red lipstick and kissed a Handsome Prince or a beautiful Princess? You'll have your chance but come prepared with shield and sword in hand to fight off the Fire Breathing Dragon on your way to Knights of the Round Table Bingo. Oh NO!! King Yogi is hosting a Grand Ball at the castle but has lost his Crown Jewels!!! The quest is on!!! Can you help Hunt for the Royal Treasure and return them to the King for a royal reward? We wouldn't want the King to be under dressed for his own surprise party!!! By Princess Cindy and Knight Boo Boo's Royal Decree, you are all cordially invited to attend the Royal Birthday Gala for his majesty, King Yogi Bear, with a Delicious Ice Cream Social and a gigantic scrumptious cake, fit for a King, who is turning another year older and another year wiser! So become a royal watcher and book now for a weekend of merriment and fairy tale adventures! 


Did you ever catch yourself saying "When I grow up, I want to be a fireman?" Funny, Yogi got caught saying that too, so one day Ranger Peter decided to go out and buy a huge Candy-Apple RED firetruck so Yogi could join the Jellystone Park Fire Brigade and pretend to be a full-fledged firefighter! Boy is Yogi excited and he wants you to join the Fire Brigade too!!!! Design your very own Fireman's Hat and slide down the fire pole at Station House #59 for some Fire Brigade Training and a grueling Firefighter Obstacle Course workout. Just in case you get too close to the fire, the Rangers will teach you how to Stop, Drop, and Rock N" Roll and also teach you how to do an Animal Rescue just in case somebody's fluffy little white kitty kat gets stuck in a tree!!!! Last but not least, PUT OUT THE FIRE and become an expert Smoke Crawler and don't miss out on the Fire Alarm Bingo. And, in honour of all our Dad's this Father's day weekend come enjoy our famous Pancake and Sausage Breakfast ($) Sunday Morning. Cindy and Boo Boo will be visiting as well and are excited to take a ride in Yogi’s New Firetruck so pack your rubber boots and water hoses and come prepared for plenty of intensely f-u-n challenges and firefighting excitement!! We invite all first responders (firefighter, policeman, EMT and military) to show your ID card this weekend and receive a 20% discount on campsite fees. 


Hang up your shoes and throw your coats on the floor 'cause Yogi is planning a super-d-duper backwards weekend and is giving permission to campers of all ages to act completely wacky and silly with all kinds of sdrawkcab (backwards), totally upside down fun activities. Kids.... Get Ready for Backwards weekend 'cause you have Yogi's permission to talk, walk, sleep, play and eat backwards all weekend long!!!! Eat ~under~ the table and while you're at it, eat dessert before you eat that delicious main meal!!! It's bedtime so help "igoY" Lower the Flag in the morning and stay up you sleepy heads 'cause we're Raising the Flag at night. Back yourself into the pavilion for an insane game of Bingo Bar etalocohc and be prepared for plenty of sdarwkcab Relays. The admission to board the Laughs and Giggles Upside Down "ediryaH" is to wear all your clothes and hats and accessories "sdrawkcab" or inside out or else be prepared to bring one canned good to DONATE to our local Food Bank. How would you like to be crowned the Backwards King and Queen or be the most uniquely dressed Zaniest Backwards Family where the most backwards and inside out you can make it the better (prizes for ALL participants)! Cindy and Boo Boo are geared up for this silly weekend too so book now before your day gets turned "upside down"!! 


Yogi Bear has been travelling the globe in search of some awesome around-the-world celebrations and is excited to invite campers far and wide to Jellystone Park this weekend to share in his once-in-a-lifetime tremendous experiences. We're starting with some good ol' Irish Blarney so "top O' the Mornin' to ye" as you dress in green and search the Emerald Isle for the Lucky Leprechaun Gold. Next, we're celebrating the 4 legged, flat snout swine who is blessed with good fortune and a beautiful personality so don your "pretty pink" and climb aboard the Chinese New Year's Express in honor of the "Year of the Pig" and see what your future holds for you at the Fortune Cookie Eating Contest. Yogi's most favorite celebration is Earth Day, so help preserve H-I-S outdoors-y environment combing the woods for priceless Nature Treasures. Experience the world "down under" during Kangaroo Pouch Races and venture to the boot shaped Isle for the Italian Spaghetti Eating Contest. Yummy Yummy in my tummy.....and a bit messy too!!! And what better way to celebrate being a proud Canadian than to create your very own Red and White Maple Leaf for all to see at the Canadian Festival of Fireworks. So pack your bags and don't forget to throw in your passport and camera because Yogi guarantees you'll have the trip of a lifetime without even leaving the campground (a trip without leaving the farm)!! This is a holiday weekend and a 3 night reservation is required for both cabins and campsites! 


Come ~splash~ about in the w-a-r-m tropical waters of Jellystone Park this weekend and escape to a Fun-N-the sun Summertime Beach Party “Bear”adise – Jellystone Park Style! The tropical breezes will provide a great temperature for Pineapple Bingo and lots of island-fun activities for everyone so be sure to pack your colorful floral island attire and get prepared for the Funky Flip-Flop Toss. Incoming!!!! Watch your head! Tantalize your taste buds with some lip-smackin', mouth-watering treats at the Fruity Kabob Relay and put a luau twist on the classic Tiki Torch Ring Toss and p-l-e-a-s-e don't forget to pack your swim suits for some Body Surfin' Slip-N-Slide and Water Balloon Games. Yogi Bear has ordered picture perfect weather for the Tropical Sandy Sculpting Competition so for all you sand artists out there, put your creative skills to the test at Wizard's Beach Playground to see what wild and whimsical doohickeys evolve!! This is sure to be one of this summer's hottest events (prize for ALL participants). Surf's up Dudes!! Hula across the boardwalk dressed in your smokin' ~HOT~ Hawaiian duds to the Most Uniquely Dressed Contest then strut your stuff to the Hawaiian Hoopla Dance that's “Bear”adise!!!! Spectacular sea-side treasures await you at the Ranger Station so calculate your best guess and a chance to WIN a prize! Yogi promises a sensational summer beach party this weekend so set your sails for a little piece of “Bear”adise!!!


Take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and mix things up with a holiday shindig sure to recapture the magic of Christmas with Yogi Bear and the Rangers at Jellystone Park this festive holiday weekend! If you find yourself on the Naughty list, how about some Christmas Carol Karaoke to brighten up the season and to earn some much needed brownie points from the big man himself, Christmas Holiday HooplaSanta Claus, who will be passing out special treats bags ($) for all who attend the annual Tinsel Town Christmas Party. There will be lots of dancin' and prancin' at the Jolly Jingle Bell Jam and the Rockin' Reindeer Races and be sure to dig into the darkest depths of your closet for some horrid looking Christmas attire where you and your fluffy pet could win a prize for the most Pampered Petmas and Owner Look-a-Like Contest. If that's not Christmas joy, we don't know what is!!!!! Have you got the skills to fly Santa's sleigh? Or are you up to the Elf Challenge to see how many presents you can load into his sleigh? Well, LET IT SNOW because Rudy's Pretty Red Nose will be sure to rescue Santa's sleigh in distress!!!!! Spread the Christmas cheer at the Colossal Candy Cane Hunt and be sure to load up your sleigh with twinkling lights and festive decorations for the ever popular Site Decorating Contest (6 categories of judging) where you could WIN FREE CAMPING (w/e site). Be sure to make Jellystone Park a yearly tradition and make plans now to reserve your spot with Yogi Bear under the moonlit mistletoe!!


Over the river and through the woods to Jellystone Park we go!!! From a cuddly bear, a hooting owl OR a sly raccoon to the itsiest, bitsiest creepy crawlies on the ground........the forest's cutest critter life is e-v-e-r-y-where! Yogi loves strolling through the woods avoiding Ranger Smith, who is visiting us this weekend, before the bugs start buzzzzz-ing but rest assured, the Sticky Spiders and Flies will surely bring the sounds of the outdoors to life this weekend. See if you can create the Craziest Bug Hat and show it off during the Bugs on Parade Hayride and be on the lookout for the fuzzy, wuzzy Caterpillar Cocoons. RUN!! RUN!! The Sly Silver Fox is on the hunt so beware all you unsuspecting little brown rabbits hopping through the woods and be on the lookout for a slimy, slithering limbless reptile to see if he can Catch The Snake's Tail. Join the Rangers for some ~W-i-l-d Animal Antics Relays, a Sticky, Slimy, Spider Quest and the camper's favorite Busy Bee Bingo. Ever get your hands on a humungous wood spider? EEEK!! Yogi knows that all bears, BIG or SMALLL love the s-w-e-e-t aroma and delicious taste of Honeycomb which is why you want to be on the lookout for Stampding Brown Bears in search of the honey pot. So if you're the creepy, crawly bug type or better yet, the woodland furry animal type, reserve your little slice of nature's heaven before the bugs start buzzz-ing!!! 


There's something undeniably thrill-ing about being soaked with freez-ing ~COLD~ water and although Yogi Bear would rather not get HIS fur wet, he's making plans to get * YOU* v-e-r-y WET during the Wettest and Wildest Weekend of the summer.... LET THE SUPER SOAKING BEGIN! It'll be a full on, no-holds-barred, super-soaking, hi-tech water battle so bring along your Mega water-bazookas, sophisticated Super Soakers with lots of water ammo and prepare to get WET.... very, verrrry WET as you wage war on the ~~Summer HEAT~~ at Jellystone Park this weekend. The Battle Zone intensifies as the mercury rises and Blind Man's Bazooka will surely be a soak-tastic water gun battle. Ahhhh! Refreshing! Climb aboard the Wettest and Wildest Water Wagon Express in the east and prepare to drench.....or be drenched!!! Beware!! All water maniacs on the ground are vulnerable targets so arm yourself with a Mega Monster Blaster with maximum shooting distance and leave the dinky squirt guns at home! Make Yogi Bear proud!!! Enjoy the sun-drenched days and the hot sizzlin' summer heat while it lasts playing lots of water-blasting, all-out-squirting ~ C-O-O-L ~ Water Balloon Races, pool games, and Water Tag. Are the Rangers water-logged yet? If not, you'll have a chance to dunk them at the Balloon Buster Dunker Event giving you some satisfaction as well as raising money for the IWK!! What are you wad-ing for? Reserve now and Good Luck staying DRY!!!! Betcha you can't!! 


This is your handsome furry reporter, Yogi Bear, coming to you live from the Red Carpet at Jellystone Park NB, anxiously awaiting the arrival of talented campers from everywhere in their fancy, schmancy caravan of trailers and all types of campers for a star studded Jellystone park STYLE Musical Extravaganza weekend. Who’s your favourite singer or your favourite song? Be prepared to impress and WOW the Jellystone Park judges at the Celebrity Singer Look-A-Like contest where you could find yourself "STAR of the Show" (prizes for ALL participants). Avoid the paparazzi as you cruise down Yogi-Wood Drive on your way to What's That Funky Sound and become a "one time" smash hit wonder playing Rockin' Broadway Bingo. Create your very own musical instrument and prepare to serenade the Rich and Famous with a Homemade Musical Concert on the Symphony Hay-Ride Express. That's sure to be a classic!!! Pick your partner for a musical dance routine and "break a leg" 'cause the Yogi-wood Talent Scouts are eagerly searching for the next up and coming stars competing in the Musical Stars Dance Competition and your chance to be part of the historic fabric of the Yogi-wood Walk of Fame. This weekend is your chance for stardom and fame so follow the spot lights and the spectacular show of Color in the Sky to Yogi-wood this weekend for a star studded musical event you won't want to miss. This is a holiday weekend and a 3 night reservation is required for both cabins and campsites. 

Summertime Beach Party


Ghosts, witches and monsters too, they're ALL invited and s-o-o-o are Y-O-U!!!! Spooky times await so join your host, Yogi Bear, his best buddy, Boo Boo, and all the Park Rangers at Jellystone Park this weekend for the freakiest Howl-O-Weeny happenins' this side of Transylvania. Our scare-dule of events start with Zombie Eye Ball Mania and Ghost Key Treasure Hunt, both guaranteed to give you gigantic goosebumps!!!! Ghosts and ghouls of all ages and sizes will be scouring the park to snag some BOO-tylicious treats so come dressed as you aren't, rattle them bones, and Bibbity, Bobbity, BOO at the ever popular Spooky Boogy Bash (prizes for ALL costumed participants). Parents, please be sure to bring treats for approx. 200 spook-tacular tricksters and don't forget to check out your scary laboratory for freaky furnishings and creepy collectibles to sprinkle some magic over your campsite for the annual Scariest Site Decorating Contest (6 categories of judging) for a chance to WIN ONE FREE NIGHT CAMPING (W/E site). Next, we D-A-R-E you to take a night-time stroll through the ~trail of terror~ to the Haunted Witches Mansion on Jellystone Park Lane where the resident witches will be brewing a cauldron of frightful spells and spooky spectacles. BOOOO!!!!! Be"witch"ing hour is still stewin' and brewing up some Monster Marshmallow Spiders and B-E-W-A-R-E of the zombies at the Grave Yard Crawl Obstacle Course. Attack... or be attached!!!! Don't be a scared-y cat!!! Reserve now for this frantic frightful weekend! Come if you DARE!!!!!  


Ghosts, witches and creatures of fright.... don't miss out on our second weekend of Halloween delights! The spell has been cast and the spooky times are still awaiting you so join your host, Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, and the Zombie crew at Jellystone Park this weekend for more freaky Howl-O-Weeny happenins'. Our scare-dule of events continue with more Zombie Eye Ball Mania and a Ghost Key Treasure Hunt, both guaranteed to give you gigantic goosebumps!!!! Ghosts and ghouls of all ages and sizes will be scouring the park to snag some BOO-tylicious treats so come dressed as you aren't, rattle them bones, and Bibbity, Bobbity, BOO at the ever popular Spooky Boogy Bash. Parents, please be sure to bring treats for approx 200 spook-tacular tricksters and don't forget to check out your scary laboratory for freaky furnishings and creepy collectibles to sprinkle some magic over your campsite for the annual Scariest Site Decorating Contest (6 categories of judging) for a chance to WIN ONE FREE NIGHT CAMPING (W/E site). Next, we D-A-R-E you to take a night-time stroll through the ~trail of terror~ to the Haunted Witches Mansion on Jellystone Park Lane where the resident witches will be brewing a cauldron of frightful spells and spooky spectacles. BOOOO!!!!! Be”witch"ing hour is still stewin' and brewin’ and we guarantee there will be lots of duckin' and divin' at the Ghostly Gruesome Obstacle Course. Don't be a scared-y cat!!! Reserve now for this frantic frightful weekend! Come if you DARE!!! 


STAR DATE 2019.08.... (Captain's log). In a galaxy not so ~far~ away, past the black hole in one of our vast solar systems, lives a brown, f-u-r-r-y, 4-legged strange being whose name is Yogi Bear, CAPTAIN of the SS Jellystone Park and he's inviting life forms of all shapes and sizes to visit him and his first officer, Cindy Bear, on his flying starship for the ultimate space adventure. The mission this weekend will be TOP SECRET as we orbit a strange green planet in search of Moon Walkers carrying pic-a-nic baskets full of Moon Rocks. Come prepared with your Martian blaster for the Martian Rock Scramble and have a blast making your way through the meteor shower to the Out of This World Obstacle Course. Strange life forms will be everywhere and we need your help to Lasso the Aliens. Watch for UFO's and extraterrestrials in the night sky and be sure to Keep your Eyes on the Asteroids so they don't fly out of orbit!!! The Rebel Alliance is recruiting you so wish upon a star in hopes of winning a crater full of choco-rocks at Big Bang Bingo. All life forms are welcome this weekend so "Trust in the Force", don't venture to the DARK side and Blast OFF for a mission through space that is sure to be one of the most unique experience in the Milky Way. So Book Early, launch “sites” will go quickly!!! 


If you’re ready for a yeeehaw shoutin', R-o-o-t beer drinkin', camouflage wearin', good ol' Hillbilly time then bumble over to Jellystone Park for the best dern tootin' hootenanny of the summer. Even if you can't carry a tune in a bucket it don't matter!!! Comb your mullet and brush your one-and-only tooth 'cuz y'all are invited to participate in Hillbilly Armpit Karaoke, sure to be a hoot!!!! Quityerbellyaching 'cuz thar will be plenty of road kill on the grill this weekend and lots of ooey, gooey fun at the Possum Pie Eating Contest. Yummmmy!!!! Have a knee slappin', goat lovin' good time playing the toe tappin Toilet Bowl Beans and be sure to practice up for the Hillbilly Rock Star Mating Call. Hot Dang! You know you're true "trailer trash" if you're in Hillbilly Heaven decorating your palace for a chance to WIN ONE FREE NIGHT of CAMPING (W/E site) plus bragging rights for the Trashiest Hillbilly Campsite. Y'all don't want to forget to throw in your best-est plaid shirt, sloppy overalls, straw hats and hillbilly hobo digs for the Best Dressed Hillbilly Contest (prizes for all hillbilly costumed participants - young or old). Warning!! You are now in Hillbilly territory. Yogi and Cindy have spotted several wild hillbillies in the area so PLEASE do not feed or approach these dangerous animals!!!! Take time to wrap your cottin' picken brain around trying for a straight run to the outhouse 'cause there's bound to be a whole lot of Toilet Seat Tossin goin' on and some plunger activitiy too! Remember, y'all are welcum cause as Yogi would say..... "You're the mud in my tires and I'm the rev in your engine" so gather your friends and neighbors and don't forgit to cruise on over for a foot stompin' toe tappin', hilarious Hillbilly Weekend~!!! This is a holiday weekend and a 3 night reservation is required for both cabins and campsites. Thank you for another great camping season with Yogi and the Rangers!! We love making Memories together and hope to see you all next summer 2020!!!

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