Our Camping Season – MAY 31ST to Sept. 2ND 2024



Weekend Themes

SURPRISE!!  IT’S BRING A BUDDY WEEKEND AND YOUR BUDDY GETS A FREE CAMPSITE OR CABIN!! (Equal or lesser value site or cabin is required and both are to be completely booked at the same time).  Yogi Bear is “King” of SURPRISES so be ready for some “amazing” FUN at Jellystone Park NB this weekend with the most eye popping, strangest and wackiest entertaining activities where anything out of the normal could happen!!  For starters, there’s the Wacky Hat and Hair Event!  Create the funkiest and weirdest hats and hairdos and be sure to wear them on the “Anything Goes Surprise Hayride” (Saturday) where it’s mandatory to have your head decorated to hop on board, so, BE CREATIVE!!  The more hilarious the better (no plain baseball hats allowed).  Are you brave enough to do messy stunts and eat g-r-o-s-s food?  If so, get your taste buds ready to be tested, tantalized and abused with some extreme foods because we are going to surprise you with all kinds of kooky, y-u-c-k-y, fun challenges for our Double Dare Competition!  On your mark…get set… EAT!  How well do you like pickles?  Pucker up and don’t DILL-y dally as you prepare yourself for the Prickly Pickle Eating Contest!  After this you will want to get “revenge” on the Rangers!  And be sure to make your way to the Bag of Goodies Bingo where admission can be a full-size chocolate bar, chips, pop or a bag of candy!  Yummy!  So don’t FEAR this “super surprising anything goes weekend”!!  Get out of your comfort zones!!  Book reservations for you and your buddy today and make your way to Jellystone Park NB this weekend where you can expect lots of strange and wacky unexpected events, and MORE!!!

Yogi Bear knows that Grandparents are b-e-a-r-y special here at Jellystone Park which is why he’s inviting them to a Great Glamping Gala with their grandchildren all weekend long!  Get energized for a FUN-tastic family affair while you’re hanging out WITH Grandma and Grandpa where you’ll have buckets of fun creating some silly smiles and memories challenging them to a Goofy Golf Tournament – FORE!!!!!   R-U smarter than your Nanny or Papa?  Yogi Bear will be the judge of that!  Help your grandparents search deep into their camping cupboards and secret compartments for OLD items as well as NEW ones for the Grandparents and Kids Family Scavenger Hunt.  And for all you young at heart, lather on some lotion potion to limber up those creaky joints and get pumped for the Old-Fashioned Sock Hop Dance where you can teach those hotshot grandkids a few moves they’ve never seen before!!!  If you’re not wore out from sock-hoppin’, try your luck at Grandparents and Grandkids Chocolate Bar Bingo.  Food for thought kids… grandparents are aged to perfection, just like your mom or dad but with extra frosting!  Take a trip down memory lane while listening to the “ole folks” camping capers of years gone by at a relaxing community campfire and make sure YOU come and show your grandparents how much they mean to you be spending a weekend with them at Jellystone Park NB.

Ooh! La-La-Green!!  Yogi Bear is inviting campers of all ages to Jellystone Park this weekend for a cele-BEAR-ation honoring all things G~R~E~E~N.  For starters, let’s honor the most famous of all frogs who is always lamenting “it’s not easy being green” at a friendly game of Amphibious Jump Frog.  Next, we’ll honor the Emerald Isle and St Patrick where it’s practically a crime to not be wearing something “Green” especially on the Luck-O’ the Irish Hayride – Saturday (where green is mandatory to hop on board…or else take the risk of getting a P-I-N-C-H!  Ooouch!!  Don’t be an agitated ogre and work yourself into a green tizzy during Fairy Tale Swamp Bingo because YOU could find yourself falling in LOVE with another ogre!!  If your passion is garbage, then don’t be a grouch while searching for useless items at the Garbage Can Scavenger Hunt!… sure to be a “sweet smelly” experience…Ha! Ha!  Plus, take part in our “GREEN” Enviro Hike (Prizes awarded for various categories). And “Whooo” could forget that green, f-u-r-r-y, pot-bellied pear-shaped, snubbed nose creature who hates the most festive time of year?  Find out at the Holiday Decorations Snatch!!  And, of course, we can’t forget Yogi Bear’s famous iconic g-r-e-e-n Hat & Tie.  There will be a special surprise for anyone brave enough to wear a look-a-like “GREEN” tie at check in time.  Yogi Bear is sure to charm you with his blarney so pack your “loudest” green outfits and turtle crawl to Jellystone Park NB this weekend for a shindig honoring all things GREEN.  The Waterslides and Water Zone will be open this weekend and full time for the summer next weekend!!

Warning!  Severe Weather Alert!  Don’t YOU just love the thrill of waking up and hearing the announcement… NO school, NO classes, or NO work because there is a terrible winter storm!!  It’s an unexpected treat so stay in your favorite pajamas all day long and take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and slippery roads with some carefree camping days and family fun at Jellystone Park NB this weekend.  Since it’s a slum”bear” party weekend – register upon arrival wearing pajamas (the whole family) for a chance to WIN One Night Free Camping (W/E site).  In fact, you can wear your PJ’s all weekend long (mandatory for the Snow Day Sleigh Ride – Hayride on Saturday).  Create and personalize your very own Colortime Pillowcase Creation ($) and bring along your comfy blankie to curl up in for everyone’s favorite Blizzard Bingo!  Dig through your wintery trunk at home for a funky hat, scarf and buttons and join the Rangers for a Build a Snowman Competition, a Slippery Sliding Party and maybe even a Humungous Snow Ball Fight!  Actually, the weather precipitation for Jellystone Park this weekend isn’t chilly with a chance of snow and slippery roads, it’s an invitation to relax, recharge and reconnect on a warm sunny weekend.  So, don’t catch yourself dreaming’n snoring…WAKE UP!  Book early and make yourself at home for a lazy weekend of carefree relaxing fun.

S-w-e-e-e-t mother of c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e!!!  Yogi Bear LOVES chocolate and with his superhuman powers of self-control, he is saving his humungous stash to share with all you craving chocoholics this weekend at the great Choc-opolis of Jellystone Park, NB.  We’ll kick off this weekend with everyone’s favorite yummy-licious DOUBLE Chocolate Bar Bingo!  Oh!  What a s-w-e-e-t rush it will be!!!  Sometimes eating chocolate is not enough so do Y-O-U ever fantasize about being covered head to toe in chocolate?  You certainly will not want to miss out on the melt-in-your-mouth Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream Social Smorgasbord where you can add pizzazz with plenty of candy-coated morsels to this decadently rich chocolatey dessert!   Mmm Mmm …GOOD!!  Come help us Decorate a Ranger to create the World’s Largest Human Sundae!!  And, how well do you know your favorite s-w-e-e-t treat?  Indulge in your favorite bars and find out at the Blind Taste Testing Candy Bar Competition.  Yogi Bear and the Rangers aren’t counting calories this weekend, so, whether you crave dark chocolate or light chocolate, we’ll be celebrating an entire weekend of sweet times!  Book today and remember… Campers are like fancy chocolates…it’s what’s inside them that makes them all special!  This is a holiday weekend and a 3-night stay is required for both cabins and campsites.

Are y-o-u a prince or princess from a faraway Fairy Tale land?  Or are y-o-u a super hero of Comic Fame possessing extraordinary powers?  Imaginations of all kinds are invited to Jellystone Parkland this weekend for a thrilling experience full of magical times and crime fighting adventures!  Dress in your fairy tale finest or as your super powered costume hero for a chance to WIN prizes for Most Original and “Most Like” Their Character Contest.  Princess Cindy Bear will be hosting the Royal Teddy Bear Tea Party so make sure you bring along your most cherished stuffed animal and join her at the royal court, plus you’ll have a chance to Tye Dye your very own “Sweet Dreams Souvenir Pillowcase ($).  Think you know a lot about your favorite story land characters or caped crime fighters?  We’ve got Trivia and MORE!!  See if your fantastical storybook character OR your comic hero, clad in cape and tights, emerge victorious battling the evil at the Fantasy verses Hero Super-Duper Obstacle Course.  Have your ever puckered up wearing some pretty bright RED lipstick and k-i-s-s-e-d a handsome Prince or a beautiful Princess?  Yogi Bear is inviting you to pack your imaginations as well as your costumes and join him for a stroll through the Enchanted Forests of Jellystone Park NB this weekend, sure to be a magical adventure, full of wonder and surprise.

Comb yer mullet’n shine up yer tooth and be sure to bumble on over to Jellystone Park NB this weekend ‘cuz Yogi Bear is invitin’ y’all to a Country-Hick Crazy Christmas Parrr-tay with all the fixin’s.  When y’all git here don’t forgit to enter yer ballot for the Reindeer Droppings Guessing Game…pee-ew!!!!  Yule luv visitin’ cousin Yogi Bear for our festive Country-Hick Holiday Celebration so load up yer Shevuhlay pick-up truck with yer bubba deer ornaments, sparkling cans and shotgun shell garland and enter the most uniquely decorated County-Hick Christmas Tree Contest.  B’leeve in the magic of Christmas while y’all git yer “double wide” trailer decorated with reindeer tinsel and sparkling “deer-in-the-head-lights” decor for the ever-popular Country-Hick Site Decorating Contest (6 categories of judging) where you may WIN FREE CAMPING (W/E site).  Sip on some trash can “Red-Green” Christmas punch and cookies with Santa at the Red Rockin’ Hootenanny (aka. Christmas parrr-tay) where Santa will be passing out special “treat bags” ($).  Yogi Bear is lookin’ to bring out the hick in you so be sure to “show off” the most awesome-est Country Hick Rags (costume) at the Red Rockin’ Recognition Show and git-er done at Cousin Billy Bob’s Bingo Bonanza, both sure to be a HOOT!!  So, git off that couch that’s sittin’ on yer front lawn and wander on over to Jellystone Park NB this weekend for a knee-slappin’, reindeer-lovin’, Christmassy good ole time…Yeee Haw-Ho-Ho-Ho!!

There’s something undeniably thrilling about being soaked with freezing ~COLD~ water on a hot summer day and although Yogi Bear would rather not get HIS fur wet, he’s making plans to get *YOU*    v-e-r-y WET during the Wettest and Wackiest Weekend of the summer!  Yogi Bear and the Rangers are having a full-on, no-holds-barred, super-soaking, hi-tech Water Battle so if you were dominated last year because you had a dinky water pistol, you might want to upgrade to a Mega Monster Blaster or the BIG-e-s-t, BAD-e-s-t Super Soaker Water Launcher with maximum shooting distance you can find and TANK UP for the Wacky Waterlogged Wagon Ride!!!!  Beware!!  All water maniacs on the ground are vulnerable targets so arm yourself, and remember, all’s fair in Water Battles. But look out!  Retaliation comes quickly and before you know it…. you’re gonna get WET, v-e-r-r-r-y WET!!!  Join us at the Balloon Buster Dunker Event to raise money for the IWK Children’s Hospital, where you’ll get a chance to “SOAK” your favorite Ranger OR possibly your Mum or Dad!!  Get ready for water balloons, water battles, slip-n-slides, sponge balls and pool games because this weekend is a great way to cool off while having bucket loads of fun!  Water is the cure for the summertime blues so Pitter-Patter, let’s get at’er and reserve for plenty of fun in the sun….and if you think you’re gonna stay dry…THINK AGAIN!

Attention passengers!  This is your Captain Yogi Bear speaking!  On behalf of our Rangers flight crew, we want to welcome you aboard flight 2024, non-stop to Jellystone Park, Woodstock, NB.  The tower has cleared us for takeoff so buckle up, relax and enjoy the in-flight entertainment, snacks and activities.  Remember, cell phones must remain on airplane mode during the entire flight.  Flight Attendants will be roaming the cabin serving Pretzels Pick Up when we reach our cruising altitude of 31,000 feet and will be Flying Thru Hoops to make your flight safe and comfortable.  FYI…your air sickness bag is located in the seat pouch in front of you in case you encounter severe anxiety over Bumpy Mayday Chocolate Bar Bingo.  We are making preparations for our final descent at this time so get ready for a smooth landing as we pass through the Musical Clouds and for those setting on the left side of the plane, you will have a clear view of the Yogi Bear statues at Jellystone Park NB.  Call your travel agent NOW!!  Good times are about to take flight so get ready to blast into the sky and head to Jellystone Park NB this “thrilling” weekend where you’ll be sure to make memories of a lifetime!  See you at the gate!!

L-O-V-E is in the air at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park NB this weekend and what better way to celebrate than honoring our LOVE for all things marvelous!  We’ll kick off our Lovers weekend honoring first and foremost THE bear we all LOVE the most……YOGI BEAR!  Celebrate with Cindy Bear and Boo Boo and wish him a Happy Birthday with a Bodacious Birthday Cake and Scrumptious Ice Cream Social complete with a wonderful assortment of candy toppings to make your mouth water.  Next, we want to honor our loyal campers for their LOVE of DOUBLE Chocolate Bar Bingo!  We certainly can’t forget Yogi Bear’s         L-O-V-E for Cindy Bear!  That p-r-e-t-t-y special bear is coming to “surprise” Yogi Bear this weekend so let’s keep it a secret!!!  And for everyone’s LOVE for the children that visit us each summer, you’ll have a chance to pucker up for the Cindy Bear/Yogi Bear Kissing Booth where all the money raised will go to the help support the Children’s Wish Foundation.  Who in their right mind doesn’t LOVE Chocolate?  Chocolate fantasy is in progress and Y-O-U can be very sure we’ll be indulging in our LOVE of chocolate for a lip-smacking good time!!  And, finally, we’ll be celebrating everyone’s LOVE for the Yogi Bear Express Hey, Hey Ride with a “special treat” Saturday night for all those climbing aboard.  Show your affection for all things marvelous by reserving now and cherishing some “special moments” at Jellystone Park NB this marvelous mini moon for lover’s weekend.  This is a holiday weekend and a 3-night stay is required for both cabins and campsites.

Yogi Bear “heard it through the grapevine” that Jellystone Park NB is headed back in time to a simpler way of life this weekend where we will be celebrating all the fabulous things that made the 70’s decade so ~COOL~!  He’s inviting all peace-lovin’, flower power lovers of all ages to leave the pressures of cyber life and high-speed gadgets at home and get back to the basics while you let your hair down and start living life in the S-L-O-W lane.  Pack your 70’s miniskirts, platform shoes, and wide-legged trousers for the Boogie Woogie Disco Dancing and Bell Bottoms Competition, guaranteed to be FAR OUT!!  Feeling groovy yet?  Create your very own “Flower Power” Yogi T-Shirt and bring it to life with unique cotton candy-like swirls…AKA TIE DYE ($) to create that “flower power” fabulous hippie-look and add a touch of fashion with Colorful Love BeadsThe popular “Pet Rock” is back and you’ll have a chance to design one and give your pet a “nifty” name!  Along the way to Flower Power Bingo, collect as many pretty petals as you can for a chance to be become the Most Fabulous Flower Child” at Jellystone Park NB this weekend.  Yeah baby!  Let’s plan now to come “groove to the music” and make your fun flower power fabulous weekend truly memorable and exciting!!

Yogi Bear “witches” you a Happy Halloween this weekend and warns you to keep your eyeballs firmly planted on your campsite because you never know when that sneaky bear will try out a new trick!  Mind your mummies and be sure to pack your fang-tastic costumes because a Halloween party is a must do event here at Jellystone Park, and don’t forget to creep, crawl or float on over to the Boo Boo Boogie Man Ball to show off your silliest monster dance moves (prizes for all costumed participants).  The countdown to candy is on and if you want a tasty treat, be sure to holler TRICK or TREAT as you join the ghosts and goblins masquerading around the park in search of yummy morsels (please be sure to bring treats for approx. 200 of Mummy’s Little Monsters).  Halloween campers are known for their competitive decorating so sprinkle plenty of s-p-o-o-k-y “Black Magic” over your campsite or cabin to mesmerize the judges at the ever-popular Halloween Site Decorating Contest (6 categories of judging) for a chance to WIN FREE CAMPING (W/E Site).  Caution …WITCH crossing!  Are you afraid of creaking doors and sticky spider webs?  We D-A-R-E you to enter the Witches Lair (Haunted Pavilion) where there will be a whole lot of Hocus Pocus going on!!!!  Treat yourself to a thrilling Halloween Colortime Creation ($) and be sure to listen for the blood-curdling screams at Vampire Bingo.  It’s a great weekend for a goblin get-together so join us if you D-A-R-E for a Halloween S-C-A-R-E.  Boo-k early for this frightfully haunting weekend.

Yogi Bear you must b-e-w-a-r-e, for frightful things are every-w-h-e-r-e!  Ghostly greetings from Jellystone Park NB this weekend as off we go a-haunting for our second bear-y scary Halloween weekend.  Calling all little goblins…creep and crawl over to the Boo Boo Boogie Man Ball where you can show off your silliest monster dance moves (prizes for all costumed participants).  If you want a tasty sweet be sure to holler TRICK or TREAT! as you join the ghosts and goblins masquerading around the park in search of yummy morsels (please be sure to bring treats for approx. 200 of Mummy’s Little Monsters).  The Rangers invite all witches and warlocks everywhere to sprinkle a little “Black Magic” over your campsite or cabin to make it the spookiest in the campground for the ever-popular Halloween Site Decorating Contest (6 categories of judging) for a chance to WIN FREE CAMPING. (WE Site).  Caution …WITCH crossing!  Are you afraid of creaking doors and sticky spider webs?  We D-A-R-E you to enter the Witches Lair (Haunted Pavilion) where there will be a whole lot of Hocus Pocus going on!!!!  Treat yourself to a thrilling Halloween Colortime Creation ($) and be sure to listen for the blood-curdling screams at Vampire Bingo.  It’s a great weekend for a goblin get-together so join us if you D-A-R-E for a Halloween S-C-A-R-E.  Boo-k early for another frightfully haunting weekend.

Howdy Folks!! Load up your chuck wagons, round up your little buck-a-roos, and head on down the dusty trail for a rootin’ tootin’ Wild West Hoedown at Jellystone Park NB this weekend.  On Saturday, don yer Cowboy Hat and western gear, and saddle up for a boot stompin’ prairie-good time as you kick up your heels over at the OK Corral Wild West Hootinannie where there’ll be lots of line dancing n’ square dancing going on (prize for all costumed participants.)  For all you bandits and outlaws… Y-O-U definitely will want to have your six-shooter squirt guns loaded and ready for the Wild West Wet’n’Watery Shootout at High Noon, and afterwards, WATCH out for that W-I-L-D- Bull!  You wouldn’t want to find yourself being bucked off at the inflatable Bull Riding Competition.  Be sure to lasso your partner and skedaddle on over to the Buck-A-Roo Bonanza Bingo where we betcha there’ll be a whole lot of Hootin’ and Hollerin’… BINGO!!  There’ll be horse races, bean spitting, three-legged potato sack races and plenty more Wild West roundup activities so strap on your chaps and return to those thrilling days of yesteryear with a hoedown that encompasses the adventures of the Old Wild West this weekend.  Thank you for another great camping season with Yogi Bear and the Rangers!  We love making memories together and hope to see you all next summer 2025!!  “Y’all come back now, y’hear!” 

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